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Probably Art. Mostly. A lot of it on post-it notes. Warcraft art and commissions.

I play on Feathermoon, usually Alliance side as Lorelli.

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Sorry this is my first post in forever.

I just want to cry and I have no idea what the fuck is up with me.

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zillah975 sent: I followed your blog for the beautiful art, and just now I looked at Evasiontank and am so curious about your RP! Also moar beautiful art, hooray! And you're friends with Ovistine so you must be pretty cool. :)

I and Lore both are happy to answer most questions. :) I’m glad you’re enjoying my art!

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Who wants to play a game of Hearthstone?
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Some days I just feel like drawing Garrus as Batman.
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Reblog this if you take art commissions :U


lookin’ to buy some art

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(though I do judge them if they’re not even trying. “u” is a letter, “you” is a word. “r” is a letter, “are” is a word….

I think the distinction here is folks who try versus folks are just goddamn lazy XD I may judge you a little for laziness. 

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Raise your hand if you don’t judge rp partners for typos and spelling errors.



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Man, I need to update evasiontank it’s been too long. Badges first!

Though , you guys should send Lore questions >.>

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