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I play on Feathermoon, usually Alliance side as Lorelli.

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Ingress is an augmented reality game you play on your phone. You get a real world map and points on the map are marked as portals. You hack the portals for gear so you can claim portals for your team or destroy portals the other team has claimed and take them for your team. You can also link portals to make fields. 

Beginners guide video:
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So you all know I play WoW but did you know I play Ingress too? Anyone else?

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I know this sounds weird, but I just replaced my vid card and I have a spare…do you want me to mail it over?

<3<3 Cadi

What do you have? I’ll take a look at see if it’ll work. 

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So, the likely story here is that my PSU wasn’t supplying enough power to my video cards and the video memory went bad. Yay.

Rob gave me his video card so I can work but neither of my cards are in good enough shape to limp his machine along. So, he has no computer, which makes me feel like shit.

Someone stop the ride, I wanna get off.

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It&#8217;s an Antec 550 watt. I believe it&#8217;s what was recommended for the video cards.
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Hey Cintiq users, I use a 12WX (the small version from the last generation) and over the past year or so I’ve been getting odd pixelation on all three of my monitors. Over the past two days it’s gotten steadily worse to the point where it’s now freezing my system.

I’m running two video cards and I ran it overnight with JUST the Cintiq plugged in. I got a little of the pixelation but when I added a second monitor to the mix, it got worse and froze. 

I’ve unplugged the Cintiq and am now running two monitors just fine. 

I’m leaning towards needing a bigger power supply, but I wanted to know if anyone had ever seen this before.

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Hey guys! It&#8217;s Thursday afternoon. Let’s Livestream sale!
Today and possibly tomorrow!
Head - $6Bust - $10Waist - $15
Flat Color Sketches:
Head - $8Bust - $15Waist - $18
Two Character Waist:
Sketch - $25Flat Color - $30
(You don’t’ have to be able to make the stream to participate. I reserve the right to simplify detailed armor.)
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Sorry this is my first post in forever.

I just want to cry and I have no idea what the fuck is up with me.

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